HBCUPages seeks to provide you with a unique set of Historically Black Colleges and University resources. You can view HBCUs by a variety of methods. We offer a listing of HBCU Social Media sites and we are incorporating Chat services, so you can directly speak with HBCU Recruiters!

Identifying an HBCU college is just the beginning! We help you explore college majors and even help you select a career. Finally, your dreams are more than getting a college degree. Educate Your Dreams helps you excel at life! Develop your Higher-Self, Execute Intelligent Actions & Embrace Empowering People. This site was created for you! So, please let us know how to make it better!

Recruitment Features

Basic Email Inquiries (FREE - Currently Active)

Interested individuals can contact you directly via our Email Service.

Online Real-time Chatting (Limited FREE)
Students want answers NOW! They love to text and chat. So, we now provide an easy to use chat service, driven ONLY by your Internet browser (no software to install). You can immediately begin chatting with one or multiple students simultaneously.

Student Favorites List Outreach (Limited FREE)
When students use the HBCU Matching Search System, they can can save HBCU's to their favorites list and request HBCUs of interest to contact them. Not only do you receive the student notification, you also have access to detailed recruitment information in the student profile!

LIMITED FREE means - This service is FREE when you add a link from yourcollege.edu domain to us.

Focused Student Matching (Fee may apply)

Student profiles matching your Average and/or Ideal Student Profiles are a click away within your Recruiter Dashboard. These profiles are based upon YOUR custom settings (GPA, test scores, etc)

Targeted Search Listings (Fee may apply)

The HBCUPages search and University Profile features are the most used services on the site. If a student searches for an HBCU meeting your specific criteria, your targeted school promotion appears in the top area of the search results.

Engaging HBCU Profile (Limited FREE & Fee May Apply)

Your HBCU is unique! Convey that message by enhancing your HBCU profile. Articulate your unique strengths, provide welcoming recruitment information, highlight special academic programs, present scholarship packages, promote sports programs, let you band bring the music, etc.

College Dashboard

Your HBCU Dashboard summarizes key data such as: Monthly HBCU Profile Views, Chat Requests, Students favoriting you, Email Contacts and much more.