HBCUPages seeks to provide you with a unique set of Historically Black Colleges and University resources. You can view HBCUs by a variety of methods. We offer a listing of HBCU Social Media sites and we are incorporating Chat services, so you can directly speak with HBCU Recruiters!

Identifying an HBCU college is just the beginning! We help you explore college majors and even help you select a career. Finally, your dreams are more than getting a college degree. Educate Your Dreams helps you excel at life! Develop your Higher-Self, Execute Intelligent Actions & Embrace Empowering People. This site was created for you! So, please let us know how to make it better!


This area was designed to Help you Connect with HBCU Recruiters
There are a lot of features and its FREE.

Get Connected
When you create an HBCUPages profile, you announce to HBCUs that you encourage them to fight for you! HBCU Recruiters can find you! They can search based upon many factors like GPA, Grades, location and more. In the near future, your profile will be connected with our scholarship database. When this is completed, you will see potential scholarships that match you profile.

Request HBCUs Contact
You can create your very own HBCU Contact List. You can specifically request certain HBCUs to contact you!

HBCU Favorites

When you search for HBCUs, you can save your Favorites. This is an easy way for you to keep track of your favorite HBCUs.

Admissions Matching

This feature quickly shows you how well you compare to the admissions criteria for your favorite HBCUs and HBCUs saved in your Contact Request List.